The Importance of Product Packaging

The global economy is witnessing a huge rise in the productivity of various industries. The needs and requirements of the global customer community are higher than ever and as a result, more and more products are getting introduced to the market across all industries to serve a variety of purposes. Parallel to this, the packaging industry is also coming up with a wide variety of models to support all kinds of products.

Packaging is generally known as a silent salesman in the marketing industry. Product packaging has been of great significance right from the time when businesses started marketing their brand based on its appearance and image. Studies have shown that for almost 65 percent of customers, product packaging has an effect on their purchase decisions. In this article, we will discuss the importance of product packaging by listing all the reasons behind it.


Right from the first-ever packaging unit, the main purpose of packaging has always been protection. Packaging is intended to provide maximum protection to the product inside while handling, shipping, and storage. Different levels of packaging protect the product throughout its logistic journey, right from its manufacturing unit to finally reaching the customer. While protection was the only concern in the earlier modes of packaging, modern packaging features maximum protection along with the use of designs and colors to provide an attractive look. Packaging is generally divided into three levels, primary, secondary, and tertiary, and all these types possess an aim of protection. You may connect with a reliable packaging company in Dubai to ensure the three levels of packaging for your products.


As said above, modern packaging aims to attract the target customers with engaging colors and designs that can excite the customers. In the modern approach, the packaging is considered as important as the product, as the outer packaging of a product determines the first impression that a customer develops. The packaging design should be unique and attractive enough to stand out from the other packed and unpacked products on the shelf.

Provides a Brand Identity

Packaging is one of the best areas where you can promote and market your brand name and image. The designs, color scheme, and content used on your packaging can convey a great deal about your brand to your target customers. Using the same pattern in packaging all the products will provide an identity to your brand, which will eventually be registered in the minds of the customers. Thus, the next time they see your packaged product, they will remember it from an ad or brochure they have seen before. Furthermore, happy customers will look for your product on the shelf with reference to the color pattern of your packaging.

Attracts New Customers

A majority of customers have their purchase decisions relying on the beauty of product packaging. For example, a women’s perfume with lovely and attractive packaging will have more acceptance and sales when compared to a perfume of the same quality without a unique form of packaging. Customers tend to try out new cost-effective products if the packaging seems appealing. If you sell toys, clothes, and other products targeting infants, packaging should be funny and joyous to attract them towards the product right away.

Convey Your Creativity

Customers love brands that are creative in displaying and marketing their products. This includes both the overall nature of your packaging and also small gifts or compliments that you provide along with the product. Along with the first impression, the creativity that you bring into your packaging will also deliver a long-lasting impression on your existing and potential customers. The creative taglines, captains, and notes that come with the packaging will convey your brand’s personality and set a powerful reason for your customers to like you. Creative packaging companies in Dubai can help you to come up with attractive brand-specific packaging models for all your products depending upon their sizes and shapes.

To sum up, the packaging is the first part of a brand that appears before the customer. In order to provide them with a strong first impression and to establish your identity in the market, your product should have perfectly designed packaging that is relevant to its use and purpose.