The Different Types of Packaging Boxes

Packaging boxes have a great influence on the world economy. According to the CAGR report, 23 percent of the economic contribution to the world is through packaging boxes. Well, this might seem unbelievable. But with online purchases becoming popular than ever before, packaging boxes have become one of the most important needs to even keep the economy growing.

From home appliances to small gifts and crockeries, every product that you use comes in a packaging box. A product without box packaging is often considered of low standards, and cannot remain successful in the market. With this being the case, there are different types of packaging boxes available in the market. Let us have a look at some of them.

Corrugated Boxes

Also called cardboard boxes, these boxes are the most commonly used ones for large-scale shipping, storage, etc. Corrugated boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, strengths, and durability with respect to the requirements of different industries.

The cardboard sheets consist of three layers- an inner liner, a corrugated medium, and an outside liner. Among these, the corrugated medium or fluting provides strength and durability to the boxes.

These boxes are made from recycled paper in precision machinery called corrugators. The different types of corrugated boxes include single-faced, double-faced, twin wall, and triple wall. All these boxes can be reused and recycled.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are mostly used for personalized packaging. They are made of paperboard sheets which can be easily transformed into any desired shape. Paperboard boxes of different grades are made of fibrous material from recycled waste paper or wood. They are environment-friendly and are used for packing frozen food, cosmetics, milk, medicines, etc. Paperboard boxes can be made attractive with innovative designs and are comparatively cheaper than other boxes. You may connect with the leading packaging companies in Dubai to know more about customization.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are the best choice to package luxurious and expensive products like smartphones, watches, jewelry, premium cosmetics, etc. Made of highly condensed paperboard, rigid boxes have high durability, are non-collapsible, and have a premium appearance. They are more expensive than corrugated and paperboard boxes as they are handmade. Rigid boxes are the best choice for products that seek better package protection, even though the shipping costs are comparatively higher.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic has replaced many kinds of materials like wood, leather, glass, ceramic, etc. Plastic boxes are more strong and durable than paperboard boxes and can be recycled and reused. Air-tight plastic boxes are available that can store food items by preserving their quality and preventing any kind of contamination. They are cost-effective, flexible, and lightweight. Compared to other materials, plastic can be produced with less time and energy and can also be easily coated with designs to make them more attractive.

Chipboard Packaging

Made of reclaimed paper stock, chipboard boxes can be easily folded and cut. They are available in various densities and strengths that determine the durability of the boxes. Chipboard boxes are cost-effective and are used for packaging tissue boxes, cereals, grocery items, crackers, etc. But as they are lightweight, they are not recommended for packaging heavy objects.

Packaging is often considered a silent salesman in the marketing field As we have seen, there are various types of packaging boxes that are meant for specific types of products. For your packaging to be successful, make sure you pick the right kind that meets the needs and requirements of your product.