Different Printing Technologies To Try Out For Perfume Boxes

If you are a perfume manufacturer, you would be daily thinking about the huge number of brands getting introduced into the market within no time. Customers are provided with a wide variety of brand and perfume varieties on both store shelves and eCommerce stores. Thus, for your perfume to stand out from its competitors, it needs much more than just pleasant fragrances.

Packaging is known as the silent salesman in the marketing industry. Uniquely designed packaging boxes and printing patterns can help you to improve the first impression of the customer on your brand. In fact, the perfume box design is what creates the very first impression on the brand rather than any other aspect. If your brand has a unique packaging pattern, it will be differentiated from the normal unicolor perfume boxes on the shelf.

When it comes to perfume box printing, there are various kinds of technologies to support it. We will have a look at some of them.

Full-Color Offset Printing

This is the most common printing technology used by many leading perfume brands. Color offset printing provides the best image quality. Color images can be made from the combination of many different colors. With advanced printing technology, offset color printing has become an easy and effective technique.

UV 6- Color Offset Printing

UV offset printing provides a contemporary vision of perfume packaging that meets all industry standards. Metalized inks are used in the printing process to ensure high-tech performance on metalized and foil surfaces. UV offset packaging requires only shorter technological processes, better efficiency, minimal and cost-effective raw materials, etc. there are many packaging and printing companies in Dubai that provide the best quality UV 6 – color offset prints.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is done by covering special elements with silver, gold, or other color features through foils. This is done in order to provide an impressive visual design of the printed product that is impossible with normal ink printing. Many perfume brands use hot stamping in their advertising and promotional campaigns apart from their packaging boxes. Embossing is another similar type of printing that leaves an embossed stamp on the paper. Hot stamping can provide a unique appeal to your perfume box and improve the perception of the customer about your brand.


Here, various kinds of varnish are applied on the printed surfaces. Varnishing requires special printing devices which are generally connected to the printing machine. Varnish is applied only after colored printing to ensure the protection of inks, clear display of certain visual elements, etc. Here, you can select the type of varnish to be applied according to your requirements and the application techniques used.

As we have seen, the printing industry is getting more and more advanced and there are a wide variety of printing technologies to support any kind of product packaging. IF you are still searching for the right kind of customized perfume boxes for your brand, connect with a team of packaging experts to know about the perfect printing technology for your brand.