Custom Boxes

Tissue Boxes

These tissue boxes come in customizable design and size, but are restricted to high quality making material. While white serves as the most common color in the market, we are all ears to your interests in color combinations and designs. Being one of the top most tissue box manufacturers in Dubai, we have seen that tissue boxes can attract a whole lot of new customers when customized for different categories, like babies, children, men, women etc. For example, tissue boxes for babies or children can be designed to have more of a ‘cartoony’ appearance, to which they are more attracted to. Thus, customisation is the key and we have the right one!

Sweet Boxes

Ever had the feeling to unwrap a lovely looking sweet box to enjoy those sweets as soon as possible? If not, you will now! The cute looking sweet boxes deepen your cravings for those yummy sweets you pack in. Be it for gifting or selling, sweets remain fresh and tasty in these tight boxes. Sweet boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are made of different materials. But the best product is always the one that is visualised by the client. We are all ears to your ideas to customize your candy box according to the color, design, shape and size you prefer.

Gift Rigid Boxes

Don’t wait to grab our lovely custom gift boxes, coming in a variety of colors and designs. Experience the pleasure of gifting your loved ones what they wish for, or even those surprise gifts that take your relationships to a whole new level. These lovely boxes melt your heart in their very appearance. They can further be customised to meet your expectations. Being the best gift box supplier in UAE, we are sure that gift boxes never stop making memories. And the memories that come in such beautiful boxes, will be the ones you and your loved ones cherish forever!

Cosmetics Boxes

Take your cosmetics with you anywhere in these cute and luxurious boxes. Be it work, shopping or parties, you’ll love the look on those faces around, when you take out your ‘beauty tool kit’. But be sure to guard it, because others are going to really love it! The cosmetics boxes come in a variety of designs and shapes, which are ready to be customised according to your wish.