Different Packaging Trends For 2022

With almost every industry getting competitive with a wide range of brands and products, maintaining brand superiority has become a far more difficult task nowadays. Even though the qualities and values of a product or brand matter, these two aspects alone cannot urge the customers to choose the brand from the highly competitive market.

Packaging has always been a significant factor in determining the success of a product. It is called the silent salesman in the marketing industry. This is because the packaging has the ability to develop a first impression in a customer’s mind. The quality and design of packaging can urge a customer to choose or reject a product.

With almost everything around going with the trend, the packaging industry has also come up with a lot of innovations and ideas to make product presentations more effective. Here, we will have a look at the major packaging trends for 2022.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

Customers are very much concerned about the safety of the products that they purchase. Protective and tamper-evident packaging alloys both businesses and customers to identify whether the packaging has been tampered with during shipping or any other process. This packaging is done with the help of materials like lidding films, seal bands, flexible pouches, blister packs, etc.

Contract Packaging

With the covid 19 pandemic affecting the whole world economy, many brands are finding it difficult to fund a dedicated packaging team. As a result, more businesses will consider outsourcing their packaging projects in the name of contract packaging. As a matter of fact, specialized packaging companies can come up with even better ideas, while businesses can focus more on improving the quality aspects of their products. Even if you are not in any financial trouble, contract packaging can improve both your brand quality and profits to a great limit.

Pandemic Prepared Certification

With more variants of the Coronavirus causing a headache for all governments, businesses are urging to ensure that they have enough safety measures to maintain their procedures and the supply chain. Becoming pandemic prepared certified will be one of the best ways for the packaging sector to maintain its smooth run. More certifications will be introduced to support the packaging lines from the hardships of the pandemic.

Packaging Automation

Automated facilities are becoming a trend in almost all industries. With the development of advanced technology and smarter devices, the packaging industry will see a revolution in the use of technological support to avoid the risk of pandemics and also to improve productivity. With partial or full automation, companies will have only a few people in the warehouse, which will prevent the spread of diseases and also provide room for more organized packaging. By 2022, almost every packaging company in Dubai will be coming up with automated machinery to increase production, quality, and reduce complications as much as possible.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Packaging

2021 has witnessed an advancement in virtual and augmented reality packaging solutions. With the Metaverse becoming the thing of the future, more and more companies will be willing to try out VR-AR applications in packaging. These augmented forms of packaging provide access to special coupons, offers, games, and many other interactive sessions for customers who use VR or AR devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. These forms of packaging will also enhance the value and standard of your brand.

Vintage Packaging

Vintage packaging is still a rising trend in the packaging industry. People are always nostalgic about the past and they are looking for the traditional varieties of packaging. This is why many businesses are trying to gain customer attention through vintage packaging. Apart from the nostalgic feel, vintage packaging also provides customers an attachment towards the older generations and the antique designs. Vintage packaging is often considered an important factor that can provide a luxurious value to the packaging.

Luxury packaging

This is another type f packaging that is getting highly popular year by year. People are now more concerned about the quality of packaging and how it enhances the standard of the product inside. Luxury packaging is often used for perfumes, watches, smartphones, liquor, jewelry, and much more. This multi-layered paperboard box packaging provides a luxurious and protective quality to the products. Studies suggest that luxury packaging has experienced a 3 percent rise in global sales between 2019 and 2021.

Transparent Packaging

Transparent packaging involves flexible pouches with a transparent plastic window through which customers can see the product. As the customer can see the product clearly, this interactive experience can increase sales of the desired products. Transparent packaging is mostly used for packing food items like bread, oily foods, rolls, and other baked foods. A different form of transparent packaging is polybags which are used in the packaging of clothes, magazines, pillows, beds. With health and hygiene becoming a matter of concern, polybags are necessary to ensure sanity and a good customer impression at the same time.

Flexible Packaging

With the whole world focusing on eco-friendly alternatives, flexible packaging is getting popular day by day. Made from different types of paperboard, foils, plastics, and bio-polymers, their shape can be changed or manipulated easily. It is the best alternative for other costly and less eco-friendly modes of packaging. Due to lower carbon footprints, more businesses are choosing flexible packaging to enhance their eco-friendly values to the customers and increase sales.

Minimalist Packaging

Minimalist packaging is just the opposite of luxury packaging. Here, the least amount of packaging materials are used. Even though this type of packaging has only minimal designs and colors, these very aspects make it different from all those colorful packaging types on the shelves. Moreover, there is a good percentage of customers who are more fond of simple and minimal packaging rather than many colors and designs. Thus, minimalist packaging is a very cost-effective method to target a portion of the audience.

As we have seen, there is a wide range of packaging options that are growing in popularity due to the peculiar properties and benefits they have. So, have a good look into your options before you choose your packaging criteria for 2022!