Rigid boxes and Their Different Styles of Packaging

Product packaging is something most manufacturers do not find worth investing in. Quality packaging is often considered an added expense, rather than an added product quality. But the case is, the packaging is known as a silent salesman in the marketing industry. And those who know this, have been investing in attractive and innovative packaging for a long time.

Rigid boxes are one of the most popularly used packaging types due to their protective quality and luxurious appearance. They are sturdy paper boxes with high thickness chipboard (about 2-3mm) which are wrapped by decorative papers. Rigid boxes are commonly used in the packaging of smartphones, jewelry, and other highly expensive products.

These Rigid boxes are also called gift rigid boxes or premium packaging. This is because they deliver a premium appearance that enhances the customer experience and improves brand value.

Types of Rigid Boxes

There are mainly two types of rigid boxes namely partial finish and full finish rigid boxes.

In partial finish rigid boxes, the wrapping only covers the outside surface of the box, while the chipboard inside is visible. They are made up of a single piece of chipboard with perforated cease lines for folding, wrapped only to finish the inner edge of the boxes. They can be produced easily as very few materials are needed.

In full finish boxes, the rigid is wrapped completely and thus no chipboard is exposed. The inner chipboard contains many pieces for each side of the box and can be laminated depending upon your needs. The chipboard used has a better thickness of 2-3 mm. These boxes also contain additional wrapping which may be printed or normal white.

Styles of Rigid Box Packaging

There are mainly six types of rigid boxes based on the style of packaging.

Magnetic Closures

Here, there are two magnets in the rigid boxes that firmly close the box with a snap sound. Due to their premium and luxurious design, these boxes can be used to store expensive jewelry, makeup materials, etc. The magnetic closure also delivers an exciting unboxing experience.

The standard magnetic closure boxes are stronger and more durable, while the collapsible ones come with double-sided tapes that stick to the collapsible parts of the box by restricting its further collapsibility.

Tube Packaging

This is a unique way of packaging that comes in a cylindrical shape with a shoulder-neck or telescopic style of opening. This is an eco-friendly paper packaging style for brands that like to be innovative in packaging.

Drawer Style Rigid Boxes

These boxes are also called slide or match rigid boxes as they are unboxed similar to matchboxes. The inner box can be pulled with the help of an attached ribbon or a thumb hole. These boxes are safer to open than the boxes that open vertically, as chances of accidents are high in the latter. Drawer Style boxes can also be integrated with child-safety features to keep children safe from potentially harmful products inside.

Telescopic Rigid Boxes

Telescope rigid boxes are also called lid and tray rigid boxes with the lid coming off the tray or box vertically. These are the most traditional models of rigid boxes. High-quality telescope boxes like smartphone boxes have exact measurements to ensure a slow opening speed for the lid to come off the base. They offer strong protection as 4 faces of the lid and the base cover the product inside.

Book Style Rigid Boxes

This innovative packaging is designed in a way that it opens like the cover of a book. The opening part can be sealed either with two magnets or a button-strap mechanism. Depending upon the type of your brand, book-style rigid boxes can provide a unique value and brand identity.

Shoulder-Neck Rigid Boxes

These rigid boxes contain multiple layers and can create a unique unboxing experience with further customization. The neck region of the box can be partially exposed to deliver a multi-packaging impression. These multiple layers develop a sense of suspense and mystery for the customers while unboxing an expensive product.