All About Corrugated Boxes

The packaging industry has become very innovative with a wide variety of packaging options being introduced to the market. With more brands and products emerging day by day, the demand for adequate packaging solutions is higher than ever. Among the vast amount of packaging options available, corrugated boxes have been always one of the first choices for many businesses and brands.

Corrugated boxes are high-quality boxes made of arched paper materials called fluting, through high-tech construction techniques. They are moisture-resistant and provide sustainable packaging solutions to all kinds of products. Corrugated boxes can be customized to meet the needs of different types of products and are a cost-effective way of providing the best packaging solution.

Corrugated boxes are made up of three layers- an inner liner, an outer liner, and a corrugated medium. The make and design of these layers determine the strength of the boxes. There are mainly two types of corrugate boxes- single-wall and double-wall.

In single-wall boxes, one sheet of corrugated medium is glued between two sheets of the liner. Single-wall boxes are the most popular corrugated box type, used for both shipping and display purposes. In double-wall boxes, two sheets of the corrugated medium are glued between three sheets of the liner. Double-wall boxes are used for shipping heavier products that need more protective packaging.

Triple-wall corrugated boxes are also available in the market, in which three sheets of the medium are glued between five sheets of the liner. These are the strongest type of corrugated boxes available in the market. They are used for high-end industrial packaging and other complete protective purposes.

As we have discussed corrugated boxes and the types they come in, we will have a look at the various benefits that these boxes offer

Corrugated boxes are one of the most protective types of packaging. Depending upon the level of protection required, there are various types of corrugated boxes available. They can be used confidently for long-distance transportation or shipping. Being moisture resistant, these boxes are the best for packaging food products that should withstand long shipping. In the case of online purchases, customers are highly concerned about the protection of their products, and corrugated products prove to be the best choice.

The thickness, shape, size, and design of corrugated boxes can be easily customized based on the need and requirements of a product. They can be coated or treated with additives in order to impose more and more qualities like water resistance, flame resistance, etc. Various customized printing designs can also be used according to the brand image and personality. If you are selling your products online, you may choose the best protective boxes and customize the design in an attractive fashion so that the customers will have a pleasant unboxing experience. Many reliable packaging companies in Dubai provide well customized corrugated boxes that possess the best quality and designs according to industry standards.

Customer Satisfaction
As we have said, customers are always looking for better packaging options that can protect their products and provide them with a lovely unboxing experience. Especially for online purchases, you should deliver the best experience to the customer so that they are very happy with your service. A safely shipped product with the best of decorative designs in its packaging will excite the customers for sure, and corrugated boxes are the best choice for this.

Corrugated boxes are a very common form of sustainable packaging. They can be reused and recycled to ensure maximum benefits of utility. With plastics and other ecologically hazardous materials getting banned in many regions, people have also been trying to be sustainable in their daily life. As a result, they generally choose brands and businesses that promote sustainability through their products. With corrugated boxes, you can ensure that you are providing eco-friendly service to your customers, making the relationship strong by winning their trust and respect.

Corrugated boxes are one of the cheapest packaging solutions available in the market. Even at this cheaper rate, corrugated boxes provide maximum protection and charm to the products inside. The sustainability of these boxes also allows reuse and recycling, reducing further costs for new boxes.

Corrugated boxes have an industry recovery rate of above 96 percent, making them one of the best choices for versatile packaging. As a manufacturer, if you want your products to be equally protected and displayed in an efficient manner, it is best to choose corrugated boxes types that suit your products.